The Virtex Framework

The patent pending Virtex Framework simplifies the creation of 3D virtual experiences on mobile devices. The software platform handles the mechanics of the virtual world, enabling developers to focus on the characters and interactions that make each world unique. The platform provides the following capabilities for any virtual world:


  • Coordinates the sensors of the mobile device to translate real-world movement into virtual-world actions.
  • Provides a standard way to size and orient the virtual world within a real-world space.
  • Enables the user to take a photo that combines the real and virtual worlds.
  • Provides a “bird’s eye view” that enables the user to tilt, rotate, and zoom through the virtual world to watch the action from almost any angle.
  • Supports a “stationary” mode enabling the user to move within the virtual world without moving in the real world.
  • Exposes settings enabling the user to customize aspects of the virtual world.
  • Works on both phones and tablets.
  • Available for both iOS and Android.